“Mind blowing!
The most audacious flying film ever made!”

Bob Drury, High altitude Himalayan pioneer and editor at
Cross Country Magazine.

Birdman of the Karakoram

Ready yourself to be thrown into the heart of a terrifying world of extreme altitude flying that few humans will ever experience.

On the razor sharp cutting edge of adventure paragliding, The Birdman of the Karakoram takes you from armchair to the most extreme flying location on earth, when high altitude paragliding pioneer John Silvester takes Alun Hughes on the tandem flight to end all tandem flights.

Supported by nothing more than a ten kilo nylon wing and John’s uncanny paragliding skills, the pair commit themselves deep into a remote and hypoxic world of snow, ice and previously unexplored terrain, where flying to survive becomes the name of the game.

The Birdman of the Karakorum demolishes any ideas you may have had about paragliding being about serenely floating around the sky.


1. Bob Dury talks to John Silvester at length about his groundbreaking Chogolugma flight in 2009, flying in Hunza and his motivation for these flights. Also about the early days in Wales.

2. John's original footage of the tour of Nanga Parbat in 2005 - the first ever circumnavigation of an 8000m giant.


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Untitled from Alun Hughes on Vimeo.

UpsideDown Wales

Double A Side DVD
Price: £19.99
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Film editing, music and all trailers by FFATCAMP

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Photo: Ray Wood

UpsideDown Wales

An award winner before it was even finished, Best Film at LLAMFF 2008 - now much worse...

A lifelong epic of the most trivial proportions - humour finally triumphant over gravity...

He wants to climb those roofs pretty badly, and that's what happens....

"Like salad after a diet of chips" Ed Douglas
"Fantastic, incredibly funny I thought" Joe Brown
"Dead sound and 'there'" Jim Perrin

Joe Brown

Joe Brown Photo: Ken Wilson

Interview with Joe Brown

"Joe's love of the fun and adventure of climbing is as fresh as ever in this fascinating interview. His description of the techniques of placing chockstones for critical runner protection and the film of sliding down the mountain railway track are valuable additions to the history of climbing technologies." Ken Wilson.

"Fantastic, incredibly funny I thought." George Smith

"A worthy mission." Tom Cruise